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5 Reasons Why Video Games are So Popular

Everyone enjoys playing video games. According to surveys by Entertainment Software Association, interactive entertainment apps are popular among people of all ages. As a matter of fact, they are the most popular among players that fall in an age range of 12 to 17 years. This popularity is due to a host of factors, and some of them are listed below.

Unsatisfied wishes: According to the Game Research & Development, by playing videos games, players kind of satisfy their desire to save the world. In reality, they can’t get rewards but in videos games, they do. So, when you finally have saved the world, you get a sense of accomplishment.

Inspiration and Engagement: video games allow you to teach, inspire and engage at the same time. In real life, on the other hand, it’s not feasible. For the same reason, developers have been working on developing more and more games to help people educate, promote and market. My friend from Steele Carpet Cleaning is developing a video game that teaches kids about coding. 

Problem-solving: another reason why video games are popular around the world is that they train you to be agiler. According to many studies, computer games help you boost your problem-solving abilities.

Stress buster: computer games are a source of entertainment. They bust stress and make you more optimistic. For instance, when you clear a level playing Angry Birds, for instance, you learn a lesson that every problem has a solution no matter how complicated it may be.

Cross-platform compatibility: virtual games are available everywhere in the world, and they support a variety of devices, such as PC, laptops, mobile phones and so on. So, this compatibility has made them quite popular all over the world.

So, these are 5 main reasons why virtual games are rising in popularity across the globe, among people of all ages, religions, and caste. Which games are on your list of favorites? Please do let us know in the comments below.


Benefits of playing games

We can’t deny the importance of sports and games. They are good for our health and help us develop strong relationships. Although you can’t win a gold medal in Olympics, playing games to boost your creativity. So, it’s a good idea to play games outdoor or on your mobile phone for at least an hour or so on a regular basis.

If students are encouraged to participate in games, they will become more active and will show better performance in their academic studies.

While outdoor games make your physical health better, computer or mobile games help you get friendlier. Besides, players don’t give importance to caste or religious differences when interacting with other players on the web. The whole world is like a family to them. So, these games provide educative value as well.

Often, games allow players to learn from each other sharing useful ideas. This can help them choose the right career. Moreover, when playing online, you learn to give respect to each other. So, you learn the value of respect and tolerance.

You can learn a lot from playing game versions of actual sports and games. With this experience, if you travel to other countries to take part in international competitions, you will be able to deliver better performance.

Playing games will sharpen your talents day by day, and you will be able to lead a better life. However, make sure you play these games in moderation. Too much of anything is bad, and this applies to games as well. Playing games on a mobile or computer all day long is not a good idea.

So, these are some great benefits that you can enjoy if you play games on your phone or PC on a regular basis. Remember: games are good for your mental health and can make you smarter.


Alto's Adventure

Best Mobile Games Of 2018

If you are mobile games fan, you may be looking for the best mobile games of 2018, and probably that’s why you landed on this page. Without further ado, let’s check some of the amazing titles.

Alto’s Adventure

High-speed snowboarding is fun, but it’s tons of fun in Alto’s adventure. The controls are simple and allow you to go down the mountains and get grinding edges, big air and do backflips.

The scenery is just spectacular and the background soundtracks are also amazing. This is a must-have title no matter which device you play it on.

Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is the younger brother of Alto’s Adventure. The original is stunning, of course, but this one is even better. With new tricks, you can control your combos better. You can explore a number of new environments. In Zen Mode, you can enjoy the sounds and sights of the game.

Rules of Survival

If you love to play Battle Royale-style titles, give a go to Rules of Survival. This game is like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. If you own an iPhone 7 Plus, you can get the most out of this game.

You can parachute in, get into the buildings to steal stuff to gear up while trying your level best to survive. Rules of Survival allow up to 120 players to play.


For card game fans, this title is the best choice. If you are after an experience that can be had playing collectible card games, don’t miss Hearthstone.

This World of Warcraft based game allows you try out a host of play styles. Besides, they are meaty options whether you are a single player or a competitive one. All in all, it’s the best option whether you are after something in-depth or a quick play.

So, give these games a go and you won’t regret your decision.


Importance Of Playing Games

If you want success in both studio and real life, do take part in games and sports. This includes both outdoor games and indoor games that can be played on a computer or mobile phone. Back in the day in ancient Greece, games were an essential part of education. Nowadays, they are also included in the curriculum of school and college. We just can’t underestimate the importance of games in our life. Let’s know more.

First off, virtual games help you learn how to play actual games on the ground. For instance, if you want to play snooker, you can download a snooker game app on your computer or mobile device to get the hang of it. Once you have learned the rules, you can go to a local club and play it in real life.

Second, games learn to go through difficult situations. If you can cope with something challenging on your PC, you may find it easy to overcome your nervousness in real life situations as well.

Third, games can be good diversions as well as they help you learn your lessons very well, which helps you lead a better life.

Fourth, by playing games on your PC or mobile phone, you get a break from your routine life. Entertaining your mind is a good idea to get relief from stress for a while.

Fifth, playing games develop a sense of team spirit and cooperation in you and make you have better relationships with your fellows.

So, these are a few points that point out the importance of games in our lives. That’s why civilized nations of today value the importance of playing games instead of spending time sitting idle. In developing countries, however, the trend is not so common, and steps should be taken to make them realize the importance of games.